A/N: I wrote this a few years ago after I found out that Sarah Palin supported aerial hunting of wolfs. That is sick! No wolf should ever be shot down! Wolfs are endangered and there is only 500 of them left in North America! So I decided to give the Palin family a taste of how beautiflul, majestic, and rare these animals are! Go wolves and I hope you enjoy!

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I'm a mother

So...remeber when I said I was pregnant? I gave birth a week ago and I am in the process of giving my baby girl to my aunt. I didn't think I would feel this way about the adoption....
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My electric toothbrush and Ipod broke

So both presents I got in May for my birthday broke on the same fucking day! GREAT! I just bought an Ipod 5 but I decided to not get an new electric toothbrush. A regular toothbrush is jus fine. But admitedly, i did like the vibrations on my gums so I decided to do this.
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very black ghetto of me but it gives my mouth the satisfaction of vibration. Plus, IT WORKS BETTER THAN MY PREVIOUS ELECTRIC tOOTHBRUSH!