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A/N: I wrote this a few years ago after I found out that Sarah Palin supported aerial hunting of wolfs. That is sick! No wolf should ever be shot down! Wolfs are endangered and there is only 500 of them left in North America! So I decided to give the Palin family a taste of how beautiflul, majestic, and rare these animals are! Go wolves and I hope you enjoy!


The Palin family sat in their cabin after a long days hunt. They were hunting for wolfs, which were pests in alaska. So far, their hunt have been fruitless. Todd Palin sat with Track, playing cards as Willow and piper prepared dinner for everyone. Sarah Palin sat by the windeo, cleaning with her gun. She was regretting today being less then satisfactory. Bristol's child Tripp played with his idiot uncle, Trig. Bristol was in her bed, taking a nap.

"Aren't wolfs endangered?" Says Piper as she puts a plate of pork n' Gravy on the table. Everyone swarmed around their dinner. The babies were hand fed on the floor. Track smiled. He always loved wolfs, even though he would never admit it. He would hunt a wolf in a heart beat just to keep the young republican buck image.

"Of course not! Grey wolfs have been taken off the endangered species list LONG ago." Says Sarah as gubles up her dinner. "And grey wolfs are a problem now. Not just in alaska but in Yellowstone, too. Did you know they have parasites in their feces that attach themselves in vegetation so when deer and such eats the grass, it goes into their lungs and gross tumor-like growths cover their lungs until they slowly suffocate to death?" She says this in a very excited matter.

"Mom, we're eating!" Says Bristol who joined them as soon as she smelled dinner.

"It's very interesting information, Bristol. You should know this."

"Not when I'm eating!"

Track ignored the conversation entirely and looked at his father who was, like always, exculded in everything the family does. Todd was thinking if he was successively TeVoing Glenn Beck every evening. He noticed Track looking at him and he smiles in a friendly matter as if to ask him 'what's up?'. Track smiles and looks away and looks at his nephew and his severely retard brother eating their dinner on the floor. Trip playing with the gravy as Trig drools on the pork like an idiot. Willow and Bristol talked about school and boys. Track disinterestedly listened to the conversation as he ate.

"Tomarrow we are getting up early. We are gonna catch the wolfs while they sleep!" Says Sarah as she finishes her food.

Piper gathered everyone's plates as soon as everyone was finished. "Do we have to hunt Wolfs? How come we can't hunt deer or fish? Wolfs are boring."

"I'm gonna go to bed." Track says suddenly. He excused himself and went to his room. He barely unpacked. He was already their for three days and had at least four days left before he went back to their castle. He just felt....unnarual in this cabin. He wanted to try something else, be something else. He was very bored. He took a shower and put on a pair of boxers and a wife beater for bed. He fell asleep while reading an autobiography of Bob Doyle.

About three hours later, he was suddenly woken up. It was night and all his family were in bed at this time. Nothing was in the room or moving anywhere within the cabin. It was queit. Stilly quiet. Yet, somnething calls for him. Unheard. He felt as if he was being becokned to the window and without thinking, he got up and walked to the window. It had snowed and a thin layer of snow covered the ground and trees as he looked on into the darkness. He could see nothing.

Then saw her. A large white wolf with icey blue eyes sitting far from the cabin, gazing at him with mystic, knowing eyes. She whipered to him just by looking at him although Track didn't really understand. He gazed back the the beautiful she-wolf. He felt his heart flutter as if she have always been his. He felt a deep down feeling of longing. As if this wolf had what he oh so misses in his life. He wanted to open the window but he couldn't bring himself to move. He just observed the wolf.

"Track?" Says a familier voice after it knocked on his door. Track turned back and answered. "Yes?"

"We will be up to hunt in about three hours. I forgot to tell you." It was Sarah.

"Ok mom. Night." And his mother was gone. Track looked back out the window to find that the mysterous wolf had ran off. he felt a sense of lose in his heart but then felt extremely tired, as if the spell he was just on had vanished. He went to bed and fell asleep without giving it a second thought.


"What a beautiful beast!" Sarah Palin said as she load her shotgun. A beautiful Doe stood 400feet with her calf standing close-by. Sarah believed in natural food and she farmed and hunted to keep her family well nourished and healthy, away from the harmful drugs that is surely being administered in totay's food. She watched "Food Inc" and though she thought the documentary was a little too liberal, she agreed there are dangerous substances and unhealthy circumstances that involves food nowdays. That is why she is a hunter. She hunts for food, for freedom, and the American way.

The beautiful Doe grafalily ate grass, completely unaware that she is currently eatting her last meal. She cocked her gun, waited for the right moment to shoot. Slowly, the Doe ate and walked very slowly with her calf following religiously behind her. Soon, it would be time. Sooon...

Then the beauiful Doe tilted her head upwards and looks at Sarah as she aimed her gun 400 feet away. The beauty of the deer was overpowering. She was young and beautiful, something she once was. It looked at her with brown eyes, glistening in the sunlight. Her fur shined a magnificent brownish red with a layer of light brown fur between its back and underbelly which was a lovely pure white. She stood on pencil thin legs that hinted of how graceful and delicate this doe was. "A prinices", Sarah thought. "No other doe can be this beautiful." Sarah smiled as she watched the lovely doe and her little baby enjoy this lovely evening. Then she pulled the trigger and blown its head clean off.

"YEA! Got it!" She hopped up and ran to the corpse. The calf screamed and nibbled at her mother's legs to try to get her up but Sarah took out her gun and shot by the calf's legs to scare it away. The calf hopped up and ran away into the woods. Sarah hog tied the deer corpse and dragged it down the steep bank. She looked around and smiled. The twilight sun shorn on the light layar of snow that covered the alasken tolkien making everything glisten as if it was made of gold. Yep, Sarah loved alaska

She went to her family who were watching near-by. They were giving her an round of applause. "That was awesome, mom!" Says piper. "Are you going to use the deer to lure the wolfs?"

"Youbetcha!" Sarah went over to a tree and hog tied the deer just two feet over the ground. She made sure to cover her tracks as she went back to her family who was staking out 100 yards away.

"I hope we get an entire wolf pack!" says Willow. "I hope we actually kill something today." She says while eating a Gogert. Todd Palin looked as if he was paying attention but he wasn't. He was wondering if his TeVo was recording House. Track was listening to Nickelback on his ipod while thinking about that beautiful wolf last night with white hue and blue eyes. For some reason her presents haunted him. He wanted to run his fingers on her fur and look into her eyes. He was snapped back into his senses when a hand touched his shoulder. He looked and saw it was his mother.

"Track, momma forgot to bring more buck shot. Can you be a good boy and fetch me some?"

Track nodded and walked off to the cabin. He went inside and found the package of bullets in no time. When he turned around he was stuck with a a sight so beautiful, his heart flew like a hummingbird. He saw her again. The gorgeous white wolf. She sat closer towards him and gazed upon him with blue hue eyes. She was almost mythical. Track stood and watched her. He felt like an idiot because he didn't know what to do. He put the bullets in his pocket and took a step forward.

"H-hello. How are-" But before he can finish that sentence, the dazzling white wolf ran off. Track felt a sense of loss when he saw her go. But then she stopped and looked back at him as if she wanted him to follow. Sure enough, almost af if an invisible force pushed him forward, Track followed her. Slow at first but then started running with her. Track felt as if running with this wolf was the most natural feeling he have ever felt. As he ran, he didn't experience a monet of fatuge. As if he momentary aquried the stamina of a wolf.
Soon he was led to a clearing that had tall rocks. Track stood in the middle of it as the she wolf howled a proud howl, egoing into the woods.


"What was that?" Says Piper. She threw her Gogert on the ground and looked up and around.

"Those were wolfs!" Says Sarah excitedly. "And that was a howl used by wolfs to summon the whole pack. After them!" And the whole palin family started stalking at the spot in the woods the howl came from.


Almost as soon as the she wolf howled, groups of wolfs started to emerge from the woods. There were black ones, white ones, and grey ones. They all approached steadily, as if they were going to attack Track. Track felt nervous but at the same time, felt like he shouldn't be scared but he just couldn't help being scared so he was. Soon they surrounded him. 10 wolfs in all. They peered at his with brown, yellow and red eyes shining in the sunlight. Their pelts glistened in that very same sunlight. Their maws were closed and question. Their tails and ears were up as if they weren't sure about this human, as well.

Then a big black wolf appeared from the trees. His eyes were golden and his frame were huge. The sun shone on the fur, giving it a lovely glisten and gave off the impression that there were lots of muscles under his pelt. Their was white on his muzzle which hints that he was an old wolf. This was the alpha male.

The alpha male walked up to track with his hackles raised as if he wasn't happy that were was some unknown male in his territory. As the male appoched, the white female intervened and raised her hackles as if to warn the alpha male not to harm Track. The Alpha male looked at the white female and sized her up. Track assumed this white she wolf was the alpha female. They snaled and stared at each other until the female ran up to Track and nuzzles into his leg. Track felt his heart heart as if the contact was one of many. The alpha male's hackles raised and he lifts his body up as if to inspect the human. He appoched him and sniffed his feet. The Alpha male then looked up into Racks eyes.

There was a stare down between two big strong males. The Alpha male raised his hackles and circled around him, sizing him up. For some reason Track didn't feel imitated. In fact he feel he was worthy opponent. Track went on all fours and circled around with the black wolf. They continued to stare at each other. Track started to snarl at the wolf and vise versa. There was a tense moment in the air and all ther other wolfs, including the beautiful white wolf were still.

Then the black wolf jumped on Track! It went for his throat and placxed it's heavy paws on either side of him. Track grabbed the wolf by the muzzle and whacked the wolf on either side with its thighs. The black wolf yiped and Track rolled it on its back. He held him down and lunged forward, biting his neck hard, growling savagely. The black wolf yelped and fought but Track was too strong for it. He shook his head from side to side, ravaging the wolf. Track punching on the wolf's face until blood covered the white snow. Then the wolf laid it's ears back, placed its tail between its legs, and urinated. The alpha wolf summited.

All of the other wolfs made a long deep thoated howl at seeing their alpha defeated by this human. But it wasn't out of sorrow. No, Track wasn't like other humans. The fact that he understood their language and the alpha female grew a liken to him shows that he was really a wolf. A wolf by sprite. The wolfs were howling to their new alpha male, Track Palin.

Track got off the wolf, still on all fours and howled with them. He never felt so real before in his life. This was the world he always wanted. the life he wanted to live. His wolf spirt beckoned him and it finally came. Track was finally happy.

"TRACK!" The formiuar voice made him stand up again like a man. The other wolves looked with his. It was Piper. She was staring at him wide mouth. Bistrol came and did the same thing.

"Mom, Track under attack!" Screams Bristol.

"NO!" Shoats Track but it was too late. Sarah Palin came with her rifle. She saw the thelve wolfs. Piper covered her eyes. "Help him, mom!"

Sarah's eyes wondered to the big beautiful alpha female. Sarah grinned and licked her lips as she aimed the gun. "That is my prized wolf!" And Sarah shot.

"NOOOOO!!!" Track said and fell to the ground crying. He heard a yelp and the sound of a body hitting the ground. His beautiful goddess is gone. "WHY!?" And he looked up to see her one last time.

But he saw he still standing there. Her ears were down and her tail was tucked between her legs. Track noticed the black mass at her feet. It was the black wolf. He threw himself into Sarah's gunfire to safe his love. The alpha female whimpered and nuzzled her ex lover's body. She looked at Track hoplessly with sad eyes. Track ran up and held the wolf in his arms and nuzzled his face into his soft black fur, sobbing.

"What's going on?" Todd Palin said as he finally joined his family. The palin family were confused. They thought Track was being attacked by these dangerous mongrels. But here is their oldest son crying for a wolf. A mere wolf.

Track lifted his head still holding the wolf with tears in his eyes. "You all should be ashamed of yourselves! Killing an innocent animal! What have they done to you? What danger have these wolfs caused you? Just because they hunt your precious farm animals?! If you didn't force them to move closer to humankind by knocking down their woods then they would leave you alone! Wolfs are not the animal! It is humans! I wish I was never human!" Track continues to wail on the dead wolf.

Then there was a loud snarl. Track looked and saw the whole wolf pack was charging for his family! They had venious in their heart. Killing their old alpha male, destroying their home, killing their kind. They had it! Sarah shot at them but was over whelmed at the sight of their huge snarling teeth. The wolfs started sinking their fangs into the Palin family. Sarah, Todd, Willow, Pipper, Bristol. Even Trig and Trip. They screamed as they tried to fight back.

"NO! STOP!" Track drops the wolf and started to run to help his family.

No, Track. Its their destiny. This is your destiny. Track turned and realised the alpha female was taking to him using telepathy. He stepped back at this.

Don't be frightened, Track. You are a wolf now so you may understand me. My name is Luna. I have been watching you for years. I knew your wolf spirit was strong and I knew one day it will be realized. You understand the laws of nature and how your fellow animals feel. You belong with us, now. And your family must pay for their many sins in the animal kingdom. Your mother is a monster. She kills for sport and to control the population when it is not her business to control. She is paying for it the most severe.

Track eyes watered and looked at his family.

No, Track. Don't look. They aren't your family anymore. We are. Your destiny is with us. Come and never look back again. And with that Luna ran into the woods. Track watched and fought the urge to look back. He just looked down, listening to the horrid sounds. "Good bye." And Track ran after Luna.

Into the woods, Track caught up with the gorgeous she-wolf. His stamina like it have never been. It was as if he wasn't human anymore. Track striped off his clothing as he ran and felt free. The cold didn't bother him. He felt like he had a thick coat of fur. His bare feet made contact with the cold hard ground serverl times which did not stop him for one second. Soon he was running along side his new mate and they glaceed at each other. He was the new alpha male and he ran up front his new wife. The other wolfs returned and ran with them, letting out howls of victory. Track smiled and howled with them. He was finally free.

The End.